The mission of The Stakeholders, Inc. is to inspire and equip people to take action in their communities.

Our vision is to provide a forum for the community as a whole, from nonprofits and government to higher education and business, to engage in meaningful discussion on big issues facing our region in order to create actionable plans to address these issues together as a community.



Our Philosophy

Collaboration = Efficiency, Improved Service Delivery & Sustainability

While we still believe in the value of matching volunteers with organizations that need them, we see a need for more collaboration and cooperation in order to better serve the community. We have seen government and donation dollars spread more and more thinly among an increasing number of service organizations. This has caused many nonprofits to struggle to sustain their organizations and continue to deliver quality programs and services. We also see duplicative efforts to serve the same populations, where a coordinated effort could save money and be more efficient and effective.

Engage, Involve, Solve… Together.

Nonprofits of every type from arts and culture to human service, need to find efficiencies, pool resources, and work together to sustain themselves. And they need the help of the community as a whole. They cannot exist in a vacuum. We believe that the result will be stronger arts and service organizations and a more involved and invested community.


out & about

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