Volunteer Management Institute

The Stakeholders Volunteer Management Program consists of two sessions designed to cover the critical steps in Attracting the right people to meet your volunteer needs; Onboarding and Supporting your volunteers to integrate them into your services; and Volunteer Recognition/Gratitude and Program Evaluation/Improvement.


The first session —

is dedicated to Attraction, getting volunteers, the right people to align with your mission and vision and become part of your organization. In this session we briefly review the mission and vision of your organization and ensure there is clarity in the roles of volunteers. We explore how you find the right people, what are the characteristics and talents you want and need in your volunteers, and where might you find them. We share ideas on volunteer applications and how you communicate expectations and results that are of value to your volunteers and the communities you serve. We also discuss how to build relationships with your volunteers so they will want to continue to work with you and your organization.


The second session —

focuses on Onboarding and Supporting volunteers as they are integrated into your organization and understand the valuable roles they contribute. We explore the various motivations of volunteers and how you can understand how these motivations contribute to successful volunteer programs. We also connect Volunteer Recognition and Gratitude with the work the valuable volunteers are performing for your organization mission accomplishment and growth. We discuss various gratitude and recognition ideas to enrich your volunteer experiences. Additionally, we explore volunteer Program Evaluation and Improvement methodologies. This enables you to continually improve your entire Volunteer Experience and the valuable services that your volunteers contribute to your organization and those you serve.



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