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It’s a new way to address the big issues - mobilizing people and resources around SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS, rather than funding separate organizations. Your donations go toward collaborative solutions and a shared vision for Bigger Impact.

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The newly created Civic Engagement Council is motivated and excited to bring all parts of the community together to solve the problems facing the Capital Region. We are starting from scratch and need your help to move forward with the work of each Task Force. You can donate as an individual right here right now. If your organization would like to make a grant to the CEC, please contact us by clicking here and we’ll get in touch right away. There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available.

Your donation means a great deal to the work of the Civic Engagement Council (CEC) Task Forces. We want your donation to mean something to you too. Please choose which Task Force you would like your donation to go to or choose “no preference” if you would like it to go where it’s most needed at the time.

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