Membership For Nonprofits

Stakeholders helps nonprofits large and small build capacity to develop meaningful community volunteer outreach efforts that address vital issues.

Stakeholders can help your nonprofit build the cornerstones of a solid volunteer program:

  • Assist in planning Employee Days of Service: Bigger Impact at a Lower Cost
  • Increase Market Visibility: Creating a cross-sector collaboration to build capacity for sustaining organization and delivering your mission. 

Your  Membership investment in the Stakeholders helps us to financially support the critical infrastructure we need to serve you and the community better.


NETWORKING: Cross-Sector (Business, Higher Ed, Government and Nonprofits) Networking and collaboration to address pressing needs of the community.

PROGRAMS: VIP invitations and Member Discounts to all Stakeholders networking, volunteer recognition and training events. 

RECOGNITION: Membership Recognition on the Stakeholders website and in the Stakeholders Annual Report as a member. 

BOARD MATCHING PROGRAM: The board matching program trains and refers people to serve on a nonprofit board based on their personal interests and the needs of the nonprofit. 

BUSINESS TEAM VOLU NTEER PROJECTS: Nonprofit Members will be the first to receive potential volunteer group/corporate volunteer day referrals and introductions.

SKILL-BASED VOLUNTEERING: Nonprofit Members will be the first to receive potential skills based volunteer referrals.  Skills- Based volunteers use their skills use their skills to assist nonprofits in the areas of HR, technology, finance and marketing. Volunteer consulting projects are clearly defined projects that last on average 10–20 hours over two to three months.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Member nonprofits will receive discounts on all Stakeholders Educational Programs.  Stakeholders offers Volunteer Management training for nonprofit staff and volunteers.  Stakeholders also provides nonprofit board training for nonprofit boards.




When you become a Nonprofit Partner of The Stakeholders, you become a Member of the Stakeholders Civic Engagement Council, a cross-sector collaboration of Business, nonprofits, Government and Higher Ed.

Basic Nonprofit Partner annual investment is based on the nonprofits annual budget as follows:

Less than $500k


$500k to 1 million


$1 million+


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